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After months of coding, design, crappy illustrating and sponsor searching, I'm glad to finally present to you my latest game; Spectrum Wings! I didn't expect much from this one but I'd say this ended up being a success! At least I made enough money to pay a few months worth of rent.

In Spectrum Wings, you play the role of your galaxy's best pilot whose goal is to destroy the ultimate weapon of the evil Xenuvian empire before they can use it. An interesting feature of this weapon is that during its charging phase, which luckily takes just enough time for you to reach it before it's too late, all light reflected on a solid surface in the galaxy appears totally desaturated to the naked eye.

You can control the ship with either the mouse (which I greatly recommend) or the keyboard. Scores can be saved online and your progress is automatically saved at the end of each level.

Also available on Newgrounds: [link]
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areliusmars Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
This rocks in so many ways, do you have the OST in mp3?
DaddieJay Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
I don't quite remember what songs I used except Harvey's Dream by Matt Waldman [link] and Ahead by Justin Story [link] but I think they're all from these two composers. Anyway, thanks a lot for the praise!
NuclearD00d Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
It's a good game. Too bad you don't have lives though.

I mean, die once and you're back at zero. Or you could do something like they did in.. uh.. can't remember the name of it.

Aaanyway, when you died with your ship, you eject from it and keep flying using a rocket strapped to your back. This time you got no armor but the speed and power of the weapon is still there. Still, you said it was completed, but ideas is never bad, right? XD

A pause mode would be awesome as well, for example. You're in battle and oh shit, internal pressure builds up and you need to take a leak. What you come back to is a horrible sign of doom.

That's all from me, the game was awesome besides these things.
Akkernight Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
Nicely done :)
I liked the game and the graphics, and the 3D-like turning around was awesome ;)
Although I did find it hard to quit the game while playing, infact I found no way to do that :S
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